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Ego Mastery Workshop

Ego Mastery is all about learning how to manage the "inner critic" that lives in the mind who keeps putting you down and telling you that...

"You aren't good enough..."
"You don't look good enough..."
"You aren't smart enough..."

It's the part of you that tells you that you have to people please and strive for perfection.

It's the part of you that also tells you that if you indulge a bit with food your day is ruined so you might as well just eat whatever you want.

When we let the ego run the show, we aren't in our power and we aren't leading from our most empowered self.

In this 90 minute workshop I'm going to help you understand:

  • What the ego mind is
  • What is the difference between being in your power and giving it away to the ego
  • What kind of thoughts and emotions you feel and think when the ego is in control VS when you are in your power
  • What programs the ego mind
  • Why it convinces us to stay small and that we aren't worthy to have what we want
  • How it impacts our hormone health, nervous system, relationship with food
  • Why it's so connected to unworthiness
  • Steps to take to start to take your power back from your ego and much more

Join us for Ego Mastery and change your mindset to change your life!

Leave feeling empowered and equipped with:

  • journal prompts to build awareness around your ego
  • tools to use to help you take your power back
  • self-care practices to work through discomfort and negative emotions

Date: Wednesday October 30th
Time: 1 pm MST / 3 pm EST
Via Zoom

Purchase is final sale, no refunds.