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Half Day VIP Coaching Session

Are you feeling stuck on your journey?

Let's get you the ANSWERS and support to help you:
-Understand and overcome emotional eating triggers
-Gain clarity on hormone issues and how to balance them
-Support better gut health
-Understand your weight-loss blocks so you can start releasing them
-Work through an emotional block or limiting belief like unworthiness, people pleasing or all or nothing and much more.

Do you feel like it's information overload and you desire direct answers, support and recommendations for your unique health journey?

Take a life-changing step on your journey to food and Body Freedom and start with a Half Day VIP 3 Hour Session With Amber.

Sectioned into 3 different focuses to support you on your journey.

Hour 1 - A Full Health Assessment and Hormone Review. You will fill out a thorough intake form and we will take in your full health history, relationship with food, supplements, medications, meals, mindset, habits, stressors. We will also assess your digestive organs, hormone health, immunity, lymphatic system and more. Key recommendations will be provided via email including foods, teas, spices, supplements and self-care tools and more!

Hour 2 - A Deep dive into emotional eating, binge eating and self-sabotage with food and diets. I will help you identify each of your emotional eating triggers and provide the most powerful tool to help you start working through them. The "7 Step Emotional Eating Rescue Plan" will be provided to help you build a new habit of coping without using food. We will also debunk diet and food rules to help you learn mindfulness and trust with food and your body.

Hour 3 - Mind Map Spend an hour exploring KEY areas of your health journey and what you want in those different areas. What does health mean to you? How does it feel to live in your body and have a positive body image and feel confident? What is the best mindset for you to carry? What kind of relationship do you want with food? We will explore these topics and much more and you will leave with CLARITY around the new identity you are building with food, your body and a new tool to use to help you get there.

Book 1 of 5 available single coaching sessions with Amber. (Only 5 spots available, once they are gone that's it!)

What you'll get:

  • One 3 Hour Private Coaching Session with Amber Via zoom (Location doesn't matter)
  • An email after with specific recommendations and tools to support you
  • High-level coaching to help you gain clarity and relief about your current health struggles 

The recommendations provided are all natural. Foods, teas, spices, supplements, recipes, self-care tools, mindset tools and more may be offered to you.

Once you pay for the session you will be contacted within 24 hours via the email you sign up with to arrange the time to book your session.

Sessions must be used in the next 8-10 weeks after purchase.

Purchase is final sale, no refunds.

What People Are Saying:

“I reached out to Amber because I wanted to deal with my binge eating, hormone issues and food sensitivities. I signed up for my first 6 month program and as I got into the healing I realized how deep the work was and I wanted to do it right so I renewed with Amber to continue the healing. Almost 40 years of dieting had a significant impact on my well-being. I started to see improvements like my cycle getting better, my bloating was going away, I was becoming less sensitive to foods and I started to feel more empowered with food. I felt so out of control with food and had such an all or nothing approach. The tools and coaching that I received from Amber around my binge eating triggers has been priceless. Overcoming my diet mentalities was so difficult at first and then it got so much easier to move forward tuning into my body rather than more food rules. It’s liberating to have a mindful relationship with food more. I also previous to this support had no idea about my hurt inner child, my ego, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs and I was able to heal my relationship with my inner child and meet my own needs so I wasn’t chasing something and try to fill a void with food. When I discovered self-care, the ego, inner child work I was able to shift and heal so much. I feel so calm and at peace and it’s helped my body let go of protection. I no longer feel the urges to binge and it’s the most freeing feeling in the world. I now am equipped with all the tools and I trust myself and my body. I love the way Amber’s programs are set up for everything, the hormone tests, the emotional/mindset support, the physical healing and the energetic. I’ve never seen a program like yours before and for me it was exactly what I needed.” - Jade

“I reached out to Amber through my own research as I realized I wanted to do natural holistic healing. I learned creams and pills weren’t doing the trick. I invested in Amber’s support and it’s been amazing since the beginning. Amber understood what was going on before we even did testing. Skin issues, gut issues and hormone imbalances were all thoroughly explained and started being addressed right away. I learned I had really high cortisol, bad candida and that even foods like peanut butter were making my skin worse. I also loved learning about my nervous system, regulating my cortisol and integrating a solid self-care routine to help out with all of that. The biggest benefits I’ve experienced are my bloating really decreasing right away, my bowels became more regular and have been noticing my skin starting to clear up for the better. I have way less inflammation as well and know that everything is moving in the right direction. Meeting every 2 weeks was amazing for consistency and ensuring that I kept up with taking care of me. I’ve learned so much about my body and my well-being and the depth we’ve gone into is amazing.” Amanda

“I reached out to Amber after listening to her podcast and really feeling to connect to her. I heard her and knew she was the person who could help me. I was in such despair with my emotional eating, my body and my health. After 6 months, I’ve gained so much traction overcoming emotional eating, I am very aware of my triggers now and even made it through Thanksgiving without being triggered. I’m so much more aware of my body, I feel confidence I’ve never had, I’ve made my health a priority. I didn’t even understand I was emotionally eating when we first started working together, but I’ve now learned to listen to my body and mind and am now aware of my triggers and do self-care or give myself what I really need instead. This work has been life changing and I’ve discovered my true self-worth and learned how to trust myself. It’s been so significant I can’t put it into words how much this support has changed my life. My life is forever changed for the best! Thank you Amber” Joanna

I reached out for Amber’s support after hearing her on a podcast. What really struck a cord for me was when she was talking about perfection. I feel like I’ve spent my entire life trying to be perfect and now realizing how exhausting it is and how much it has dictated my worth has been eye opening. I’ve been emotionally eating my entire life, and for the first time, am able to catch my triggers. I’m not using food or alcohol and haven’t binged in over a month. I also had horrible chronic bloating that has fully cleared up and am now aware of the foods that agitate it and have found better things to replace them with. My energy levels are also significantly improving. It’s shocking, like I’m SHOCKED at how fast things have started to come around. After we reviewed my hormone results and I got on the right vitamins, as well as reduced caffeine and added in more self-care time, I feel myself stepping into my power. I no longer feel anxious or buzzy and am sleeping better too. I know now I am building the foundation to love myself and my body and am really happy with the progress I’m seeing and am excited for the next chapter. Thank you Amber for your help and guidance, I feel so clear. - Nicki