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A monthly membership to grow your understanding of your relationship with food, digestion, hormones, mindset and Body Freedom, confidence & so much more.

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by information overload on how to eat, how to take care of your health, and why you have the cravings, emotional eating behaviors, weight-loss blocks and symptoms you do?

Are you wanting to learn new self-care practices to help you feel more calm, happy and grounded, all while it helps regulate your nervous system?

Maybe you’re tired of negative self-talk leading you and want to learn more about the ego mindset (negative self-talk) and how to take your power back and be in a more natural state of positivity to navigate life. 

(If you are answering yes, you are in the right place!)

Many women leave sessions in the Body Freedom Membership in such a state of calm, zen and JOY!

I know how it feels to go through cycles of disliking your body. I went through emotional eating, binges gaining and losing a thousand pounds in 5 years and being stuck in a rut of diets, quick fixes and endlessly chasing a number on a scale I could never reach or maintain.

Healing helped me create this very membership and assist women like you! Women who know they want more freedom, happiness, energy, vitality, confidence and much more! You know you are ready to get too the root causes of these cycles and move forward.

After 10 years of coaching thousands of women to food and Body Freedom and to help eliminate the information overload, I wanted to create a space to share knowledge with you on topics such as emotional eating, hormone/gut health, cravings, sleep, inflammation, mindset, mood, self-care, weight-loss blocks and more, to make it easy to gain CLARITY on how to support yourself on your journey of food and Body Freedom.

So if you are wondering...

  • How do I do self-care?
  • What self-care tools will be best for me?
  • What are the right foods and supplements for my body?
  • How do I take my power back with food?
  • How do I become more confident and make peace with my body?
  • How do I learn more mindful ways to cope with my stress?

They will be answered in the different sessions offered in this beautiful community, the Body Freedom Membership.

 A foundational level of support to help guide you on your journey to optimal health, regardless of where you are on your path.

 A community to take learning, transformation and support at a pace that feels best for you.


This is where you get to begin, deepen or fine-tune your well-being to increase your happiness and quality of life.

What topics and support will be offered in the Body Freedom Membership?

  • Emotional Eating/Building a Mindful Relationship With Food
  • Building Body Love & Self-Worth
  • Ditching Diets & Clarity on the Best Way to Eat For Your Body
  • Self-care Tools and Practices
  • Digestive & Hormone Health
  • Overcoming People Pleasing, All or Nothing and other Ego Mindsets to a More Natural Happy State
  • Mindful Weight-Loss & Much More!

What members are saying:


Thanks for the lovely self-care session today in the membership. It's exactly what I needed. I feel so overflowing with love from the meditations we did, so grounded and so connected with myself and my inner child. This truly is life changing support, thank you Amber.


I just listened to the replay on Serotonin & Dopamine. Wow! It totally shed some light. I am constantly chasing the next Dopamine hit- food and online shopping! It's crazy that sometimes I am fully aware it's happening....but I just can't stop it. I always wondered why I would constantly self-sabotage...but things are much clearer now.

I just finished listening to the Membership replay of June 2022 on feeling your emotions, it was amazing!!!  You talk about being an empath and I definitely resonated with your comment about someone going to a mall and feeling drained afterwards, I always get that feeling when going. I am really enjoying listening to the replays of the membership and find they have so much good information and leave me feeling more positive and enlightened after hearing them. I see the expressions on the ppl logged in and how they change to a smile or laugh when you are talking and how it's affecting them. You have a gift!

Almost an hour ago I attended the Body Freedom Membership's Self-Care session. We went over meditation. It was a different experience than I've ever had before and really impressed upon me that there are so many different ways to be mindful of our emotions and body. I had some emotions come up which I will journal on. It is simply amazing - I feel relaxed and energized at the same time! I highly encourage those who couldn't attend to check the replay. You won't regret it.


Learning how to identify my emotional eating triggers, and using the tools that could help me move away from emotional eating, helped me become more mindful. I’ve learned so much about making nourishing food and doing simple food prep, as a Mom it’s helped with the family and prioritizing our health. I’ve learned so much about mindful eating practices, supplements and nutrition to help balance my digestive system and hormones.


I reached out to Amber after really realizing I was struggling with emotional eating. I felt so lost and fed up with the cycle of emotional eating, knowing I needed support to get through it. Working with Amber, I never felt judged or scared to work with you, your demeanor is so caring, warm and inviting, and I felt immediately I could trust you and share with you. You were the first person I admitted to that I was struggling with emotional eating. I felt so comfortable opening up and felt like I had a champion in my corner for my health.

What's included:

Tapping to Release Stress & Overwhelm

A 45-minute monthly session to connect and tap into the collective emotions of women of the membership. We tap through and release the negative thoughts and emotions that feel heavy or like they are fuelling your stress or emotional eating triggers. EFT tapping is a powerful technique to help release negative thoughts and beliefs from the mind and the body while calming your nervous system. Let go of anger, fear, worry, anxiety, frustration, self-doubt and much more as you leave this session feeling grounded, peaceful, calm and at ease. You’ll sleep like a baby after these sessions!

Step into Self-Care

A monthly live 1 hour session to support you in making self-care a priority. I will teach you several different self-care tools and practices, and provide many different ways to utilize these so you never get bored! Journal prompts, breathwork, meditation, manifestation, visualizations, inner child connection, exploring emotions, limiting beliefs and mindset work and more, will be explored. You will leave these sessions feeling so ZEN, relaxed, clear and at ease.

Building Body Freedom

A monthly themed live one hour session exploring a topic to support you in building Body Freedom. We explore support with nutrition, ditching diets, awareness of emotional/binge eating, negative thoughts/beliefs, digestive/hormone health, sleep, cravings, self-love and body connection, energy work, harnessing your empathic gifts, reducing toxins and much more!

Here’s what the women creating Body Freedom are saying:

I am loving the Body Freedom Membership!  Amber gives such value with the live Zoom calls. She ensures a safe place to come learn and share our experiences. The Body Freedom sessions provide such great information and reach my heart and soul, inspiring me to take action on my health and well-being. These are important topics that she teaches – mindset, hormones, body image – all things that contribute to not only emotional eating, but quality of life as well. As for the tapping sessions, it was my first time trying it and it has made such a huge difference in processing my emotions – it not only helps me calm my nervous system, but it has helped my pain levels as well. I love how she tailors it to the participants and what we need. In addition, the self-care sessions have taught me so much about where I’m lacking in taking care of myself and how I can rewire years and years of programming to nurture my body instead of fighting against it. I am so happy that I’m a part of the membership and highly recommend joining. 


I reached out to Amber because I had reached a point where I literally couldn’t function in my life anymore. The binge eating and emotional eating were just destroying my life. I had been through naturopathic medicine, a lot of different treatments and programs, and nothing was working. And now I’ve reconnected on the deepest level. I am so in-tune with my body and have so much clarity around what I need for nourishment, self-care and my emotions. I didn’t realize binge eating was being fueled and triggered by so many different emotions, my spiritual well-being and loss of connection with myself. It was a profound moment realizing I was free of binge eating. I really trust Amber and her gentle approach and felt really empowered going through my imbalances and making improvements.


The support with Amber helped me significantly improve my energy levels and my bloating is gone. I didn’t realize how much working on my mindset would help me improve my health on this journey. I am building a deeper connection with my body and learning to love me, which feels so freeing. I feel like I am no longer battling with my body and instead am on the path to full healing.

Join the Body Freedom Membership... 

Grow your understanding of your relationship with food, digestion, hormones, mindset and Body Freedom, confidence & so much more.

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  • Step Into Self-Care
  • Building Body Freedom
  • Tapping to Release Stress & Overwhelm
  • 20% off all self-study programs and Masterclasses while in the Membership!

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  • Step Into Self-Care
  • Building Body Freedom
  • Tapping to Release Stress & Overwhelm
  • 20% off all self-study programs and Masterclasses while in the Membership!

4-Month Subscription


(Renews every 4 months)

  • Step Into Self-Care
  • Building Body Freedom
  • Tapping to Release Stress & Overwhelm
  • 20% off all self-study programs and Masterclasses while in the Membership!
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 I'm so excited to support you on your journey!

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