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A 5-week course with Amber Romaniuk.

Do you crave sugar?
Do your cravings drive you nuts?
Are you ready to overcome your sugar cravings?

If you are yes to all three questions then you'll want to be sure you join us on your journey to kick your sugar cravings to the curb for good!

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I can tell you my sugar cravings used to DRIVE ME NUTS!! I had the worst cravings for sugar and no matter what they didn’t go away. I thought I’d be struggling with them for life.

And as I embarked on my healing journey I started to learn the why’s behind the cravings and miraculously freed myself from them.

And after 10 years of helping thousands of women take their power back with food and create Body Freedom…there have been many many celebrations around no more sugar cravings!!!

You see, we aren’t meant to crave refined sugar, it’s a processed craving that takes over our brain chemistry, blood sugar and leaves us desiring to keep consuming it to “boost our mood or energy levels” (I put the quotes because it’s very temporary and often causes more of a drain and mood drop after we are done consuming them…not to mention the guilt if we over do it, can you relate?)

Sugar is said to be 10 times more addictive than cocaine, so if you are being hard on yourself because you can’t “have control with it” stop…it’s not you or your fault, it hijacks the pleasure centers of the brain and that is something I want to teach you more about.

You will also learn about how too much refined sugar impacts our gut health, blood sugar, hormone health, inflammation, relationship with food and so much more.

Finding a balance with it feels so freeing and liberating when it comes to improving our health.


One of the first KEY steps in overcoming sugar cravings is to understand what the roots of your cravings are.

This program will help you do just that and a lot more!

Are you ready to….

  • Understand the root causes of your sugar cravings...
  • Learn better, natural alternatives to use aside from refined sugar...
  • Reduce and eliminate your sugar cravings for good...
  • Have better mood and energy levels...
  • Feel more satiated and satisfied with your meals and food...


Then come join us for Kick The Sugar to help you do all of this and MORE!

Sugar can have a big impact on our mood, energy levels, gut/hormone health, relationship with food and so much more. 

Here's what you get in the course:

Five 90 minute sessions
Each week we have a 90 minute zoom call and have 75 minutes of wonderful education and recommendations + an open 15 minute Q&A to get your questions answered and receive support from me directly.

Worksheets, tools and recipes to help you shift away from those intense urges for sugar, regulate blood sugar and feel less desire to overeat or overdo it with too much sugar.


Weekly Themes:

Week 1: What’s Causing Your Cravings? Let’s Curb Them.
We will explore the root causes of your cravings from irregular blood sugar (and how to balance it), different nutrient deficiencies, lack of key nutrients in your meals and snacks, stress, emotions, hormone/gut issues and more! Then I will share which foods teas, spices and vitamins will help you start to reduce your cravings during this first week!

And let me tell you there are 3 KEY recommendations that started INSTANTLY shutting OFF my cravings that I will share with you during this session.

Week 2: The Emotional Connection to Sugar Cravings, Releasing Food Guilt & Using Food as Comfort.
Oftentimes we won’t just crave sugar for physical reasons. There can be sneaking emotional reasons for our sugar cravings, from using it as a form of coping or comfort to lacking joy or sweetness in life that then pushes us to compensate with sugar. 

Then the guilt kicks in after we overdo it…and I want to help you release that and bring in more mindfulness.

Gain clarity on the emotional roots of your sugar cravings and start giving yourself what you really need instead of sugar to help improve your energy, boost your mood, feel more fulfilled and happy. We will also explore ways to comfort yourself without food that feel more satisfying.

Week 3: Ways to Bounce Back After TOO MUCH SUGAR + Better Blood Sugar.
Found yourself overdoing it with sugar on vacation, during the holidays or just at home in and out of the cupboard or at work?! Then there’s the fatigue, brain fog, feeling puffy, bloated, gassy, swollen and in guilt and regret. Then you can feel the cravings last longer.

Let’s break down easy ways to curb overdoing it with sugar from foods to beverages, self-care practices. We will also talk about how to navigate sugar in a mindful way so you can have mindful amounts without losing control.

Week 4: Mindful Eating. Food Prep, Understanding Ingredient Labels & Better Sugar Alternatives.
This week is all about setting you up for SUCCESS with your relationship with food. We will explore incorporating mindful eating practices to help you feel more satiated with your food and dessert, how a bit of food prep can set you up for better choices and keep blood sugar regulated to reduce cravings…AND why learning to properly read your food product ingredient labels will help you weed out consuming products with too much sugar that are keeping you feeling foggy and stuck. I will also make suggestions for multiple types of natural sweeteners and how to use them easily in your recipes and food.

BONUS Week 5: Frequency and Sugar + Q&A
Understand how refined sugar impacts your frequency, intuition and energy plus more time for a Q&A to get coaching and your questions answered to get you set up for success as we wrap up the program.


As soon as you sign up you will also receive:

1. The Blood Sugar Balancer
I’ve developed this 2-15 minute part video series just for you to help you start to reduce your cravings before the course even starts PLUS 5 Blood Sugar Supporting Snacks to start incorporating.

2. Sugar Cravings Journal Prompts  Explore what your sugar cravings mean with different questions and prompts to build awareness around your cravings. (There are physical and emotional reasons for our sugar cravings!)

3. Your Brain on Sugar.
Dive into a 60 minute replay to better understand how refined sugars affect your brain, mood, dopamine, blood sugar and so much more. We also talk about the most addictive types of refined sugars and artificial sweeteners and I will share recommendations of better swaps for natural sweeteners.

4. Access to my recipe archive with hundreds of refined sugar-free recipes!

Are you ready to come and join us to BREAK FREE of your sugar cravings for good?!

Come join us for the replay of Kick The Sugar!


Regular Price: $222 USD 

(You will get lifetime access to the replays!)


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About Amber 

Amber Romaniuk is an Emotional Eating, Digestive and Hormone Expert who helps high achieving women create a level of body confidence, intuition and optimal health through powerful mindset healing, self-care and overcoming self-sabotage with food. She does this through addressing the key negative thoughts, patterns and limiting beliefs, that keep women stuck in the same behaviors for years and decades, that they haven’t been able to break. Her podcast “The No Sugarcoating Podcast” has over a million downloads, over 400 episodes and is listened to in over 88 countries.

Amber overcame her own emotional eating after gaining and losing more than 1000 lbs and spending over $50,000 on binge foods, and spending 5 years balancing her hormones and digestion. She also dismantled her deep limiting beliefs and behaviors keeping her stuck in the same looping patterns. Now she helps others achieve the biggest healing miracles of Body Freedom™ so they have the confidence and health to create amazing lives.

Success Stories

“In just WEEKS Amber helped me fully stop my sugar cravings and it was shocking when she asked me if I had cravings and I had to really take a moment and realize they were gone, how freeing thank you!” - Sandra

“My sugar cravings kept fuelling me to binge and lose control with food until Amber taught me the many reasons I was craving sugar. Once I started to support my blood sugar with better nutrition, work through my stressors and read the ingredients labels for sugar (which was eye opening to see the loads of sugar in products I was buying) I was able to reduce my cravings and feel so at PEACE with food now.” Laurie 

“Sugar used to rule me and now it doesn’t anymore and I am forever grateful for Amber’s support with her programs to help you kick sugar and the guilt if you end up having some. I feel so good knowing I can enjoy my cake but not overdo it and feel fine afterward.” Jenny


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