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Triggers: Understand The Roots of Your Emotional Eating and Binge Triggers

3-Part Masterclass Series Replay

Are you constantly finding yourself going to food to deal with stress, boredom or because you have cravings?

One of the first KEY steps in overcoming emotional eating or binge eating is to gain full clarity around what your unique set of triggers are. 

Knowing your triggers helps you understand what is really going on, why food isn’t the honest answer and allows you to start to become clear on what you really need instead. Then you can start taking steps to tend to that…which has you moving away from self-sabotage with food and more toward freedom from food.

This is why I created the 3-Part Masterclass replay, to help you gain that clarity like never before.

In these three 90 minute replay sessions we will explore:

Day 1: Emotional and Mindset Triggers
Understand the key negative or positive thoughts, limiting beliefs, habits, holidays, situations and circumstances that could be fuelling you to go to food. We will dive into boredom, loneliness, overwhelm, body insecurities, weigh-in disappointments, need for reward, anger, sadness and so much more.

Day 2: Physical Imbalances Triggers
Understand the key physical imbalances like fatigue, hormone imbalances, gut flora issues, blood sugar imbalances, poor sleep, addictive ingredients, inflammation, weight-gain and more that are all triggering sabotage with food.

Day 3: All or Nothing and Diet Mentality Triggers
I will help you identify the all or nothing mindset, what created it and how it’s continuing to fuel your emotional eating and binge behaviors. Understanding this is KEY to starting to break free of sabotage with food. From here we will explore different diet and food rules and how they are triggering you to keep using food as a crutch or coping mechanism.

I will help you build awareness of how to start catching these triggers when they first start coming up to help reduce how often you are giving into food.

You will also learn the KEY differences between physical and emotional hunger.

Instead you will be able to give yourself what you really need instead!

You get lifetime access to the replays.

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